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Menagerie by Aardvark Lounge
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For fans of:They Might Be Giants, Weird Al Yankovic, Peter Himmelman, Daniel Amos, E.L.O.
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  1. Beware The Octopus
  2. Wax The Cat Joel
  3. Friends With A Tuna
  4. Percussion Fiasco
  5. Pizza4Lunch
  6. Don't Crawl Off The Bed
  7. Entropy
  8. Jar Full Of Brains
  9. Lobster Boy
  10. The Boy Who Liked Zombies
  11. Come See The Llamas
  12. Dead Frog
  13. Fruit Bat
  14. The Side Of Town
  15. Hippos In The Kitchen
  16. Xyster
  17. shiny-floor-aardvark-lounge
  18. WildThing_Mix1
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Whimsical songs, mostly about animals. Safe enough for the kids, good enough for the adults. Warning: These songs are mighty catchy, if'n I do say so myself.


<p sab="497">Roger Shuman : Vocals and/or guitar and/or keyboards on Jar Full of Brains, Wax The Cat Joel, Lobster Boy and Come See The Llamas, treble keyboards on Xyster

<p sab="498">Hoffmana Kids Kwoir: Dead Frog

<p sab="499">Greg Flesch : Out-of-my-league lead guitar on Fruit Bat

<p sab="499">Troy Johnson had some kind of involvement on Lobster Boy but I can't remember exactly what

<p sab="500">Jason Hoffman : Most everything else

<p sab="501">Wax the Cat Joel and Jar Full of Brains written by Shuman. Come See The Llamas and Friends With A Tuna co-written by Shuman and Hoffmana. Everything else written by Hoffmana.

For fans of:They Might Be Giants, Weird Al Yankovic, Peter Himmelman, Daniel Amos, E.L.O.
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