For fans of:Ryan Corn, Billy Cerveny, Vigilantes of Love, Jars of Clay, Bob Dylan

Aaron PICAR is eclectic folk for eclectic folk.

So just what does that mean? He's still trying to figure that out. One thing is for sure, Picar has been described by award winning musicians and industry insiders as "Intense" and "Passionate" He combines the swagger of a rocker with the soul of a poet in a one of a kind personality that creates unforgettable performances.

With his debut album, "Rise Together" (produced by Ryan Corn) Picar shows his distinct ability as a songwriter and performer and makes his declaration. Sounding like the sonic lovechild of Bob Dylan and Jars of Clay that has been raised by wolves like Vigilantes of Love and the Nashville Resistance.

Ultimately, Aaron Picar crafts his songs to connect the unchanging truth to the changing world so the listener reaches beyond oneself to something greater.