For fans of:Damien Rice, Death Cab For Cutie, Of Monsters and Men, The Swell Season, The Lumineers

For Accents, an indie rock trio from upstate NY, writing music has always been about sincerity. Their critically acclaimed sophomore record ‘Tall Tales’ was released on March 25, 2014 by legendary independent label, Deep Elm Records. Since the release, multiple songs have been released in hit MTV dramas including 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, among other productions. ‘Tall Tales’ showcases a band expanding their sound to new heights with lush harmonies, soaring guitars, lyrical candor and a charming guy-girl vocal dynamic from husband and wife co-vocalists TJ and Lauren Foster. Multi-instrumentalist Jordan Stewart completes the line-up.

What began as a mere internet-based studio project between singer/songwriter TJ Foster and drummer/producer Benjamin Hemingway quickly became something much bigger. The duo released their debut album ‘Growth and Squalor’ to a significant amount of praise, and expanded the outfit to a five-piece (including bassist Matt Bent) in order to better perform the record live, as well as broaden their sound for the new material that would eventually become ‘Tall Tales.’ Shortly after the release of their eclectic second full-length, Hemingway and Bent announced their departure from the band. “Losing members that are critical to any creative project is always a difficult thing,” says Foster. “The suddenness of it all definitely had us panicking, trying to find people to fill their shoes. But when we finally took a step back, I think the three of us realized that maybe we were trying to recreate something that didn’t need to be so perfectly recreated. It might have marked the end of a chapter, but there’s still a lot more story left to tell and the three of us are very excited for the future.”

“’Tall Tales’ is the most important musical endeavor I have been a part of in all of my years playing music,” comments Stewart. “It is an album about being ‘grown-up’ and looking back on all of the triumphs and mistakes so far. It is an album about being at peace with who you are, not wishing you were someone else. What TJ captures so perfectly in his lyrics is that while our destinations are not always what we hoped, it does not make them any less worthwhile.” With that in mind, Accents is starting their next chapter with a fresh perspective and a rekindled enthusiasm as they already begin writing the follow up to their well-regarded 2014 release. Their unique spin on the indie folk genre continues to develop, and at the heart of it remains Foster’s knack for honest and inspiring songwriting. In the meantime, the band is releasing “The Autumn Sessions,” a video series chronicling stripped down performances of songs from their discography set in the beautiful autumn landscape of the upstate NY outdoors, as well as "Small Tales," a brand-new studio EP in November.