A Gathering of None

For fans of:Quicksand, Ignite, Stavesacre, Corrosion of Conformity, Only Living Witness

A Gathering of None began in the winter of 2013 headed up by Tracy Byrd(aka TB ex-Blitzkid).Initially, the project was just TB handling all of the studio tracking himself but it has evolved into a quintet for studio and live applications and now functions as a full band of collaborators. This new project has sounds rooted in melodic punk, grunge, 90s post hardcore, 90s alternative, metal and stoner rock. Their sound can best be described as modern nostalgic with influences as diverse as Ignite, QOTSA, King's X, Only Living Witness, Miltown, Corrosion of Conformity, Helmet, Quicksand, and the Foo Fighters. Having released one EP and a full length as well as shows all across the East Coast, the band are set to release their new full length, "One Last Grasp At Hope" in April.

AGON are-

TB- lead vocals/guitars

Justin-lead and rythm guitars/bgvs



Jeff-bgvs/lead and rythm guitars