For fans of:Lecrae, 116, Social Club

ACE or All Christ Everything, started in 2013 by a few representatives from Massachusetts who were determined to unify the artist community in New England. Through much discussion and prayer the slogan “All Christ Everything” was born. Inspired by the scripture that is focused on the Preeminence of Christ, Colossians 1:16-17 which reminds us, “All things have been created through him and for him; in him all things hold together”. Being CHH artists ourselves, we quickly recognized that Christian Hip Hop is an excellent medium to promote Christ to the hip-hop culture.

Together, we created our first song titled; All Christ Everything and the ACE Life movement began. All Christ Everything created a buzz that set us on a New England tour of 30 shows within a 3-month period, opening the door to a ground breaking show at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, Ma, shifting CHH in New England. Four years later, the ACE objective has evolved past a group of musicians, but rather, a movement in the community that generates a lifestyle with Christ as the center.

Our mission with ACE Life is to serve others with the good news of the gospel in word and in deed. ACE Life is for anyone who loves the Lord and pushes to follow Christ in every area of his or her life!