Daytrotter Session - Jan 9, 2015

Jan 9, 2015 Room 17 Brooklyn, NY by Amason
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  1. Duvan
  2. Älgen
  3. Elefanten
  4. Went To War
Some days you hit the bar early. If you're feeling lazier than that, you hit the refrigerator early. You're just feeling the need to chip away or dull the edge some. It's been nothing but a bleary-eyed ordeal all day and you've been knocked back or onto your heels and you're just looking to get back onto some solid footing. There's that need to just pull the plug and slump down into your spot on the couch. You're done and the day's finished, whether it wants to be or not. You're not talking any more callers. Something in this set of songs from this exemplary new band out of Sweden, made up members of Dungen, Miike Snow, Idiot Wind and Little Majorette, tells us that they're with us. They've been heading to happy hour a little early, every day for years and when you're doing that, there's something soggy in the air. It's okay though cause you're out there feeling shit and that's more than most people do. A song like "Duvan," a standout here and sure to be one of the finest songs I'll hear all year, makes you feel as if you're headed straight for a situation where you're liable to melt into a pool of what used to be you. There's going to be nothing left of you when this one's faded into the darkness. Good riddance to us.