Amber Hunter

Freedom Steps

Freedom Steps by Amber Hunter
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For fans of:Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, JJ Heller
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  1. Freedom Road.mp3
  2. Love!.mp3
  3. Candle Leaping.mp3
  4. Eyes.mp3
  5. Where I'm From.mp3
  6. Surgery.mp3
  7. Solitude.mp3
  8. The Truth.mp3
  9. Empty.mp3
  10. Sugar Beauty.mp3
  11. This Pain.mp3
  12. Warner.mp3
  13. Heal These Wounds.mp3
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Music is POWERFUL.

It has a way of penetrating to our deepest places and changing us for better or worse. I'm passionate about creating quality music that's good for the soul. Music means so much to me because it has been a companion throughout my life.

When my mom was in the hospital with cancer, I kept two songs on repeat. They helped me to weep and to pray and get out of bed in the morning. After she died, I began working through my grief by writing a song called "This Pain."

I discovered my all-time favorite songwriter, Josh Garrels, at a music festival when I was 18. His songs have shaped me into a more courageous, hopeful and loving person.

When I was a teenager, I was terrified that people would find out my dad was in prison for murder. A song I wrote called 'Where I'm From' helped me begin to tell this part of my story and shake off the toxic shame that consumed me.

Two years ago, I visited my dad in prison for the first time. I wrote him a song called Freedom Road, and it has become an anthem of hope and freedom in my own life.

Music is POWERFUL.


Produced, engineered and mixed by Brian Whitman

Mastered by Roger Seibel Cover Art: Joseph “Sentrock” Perez Drums: Tim Rahman Keys: Brian Whitman Guitars: Brian Whitman and Amber Hunter, Richard Lam Bass: Alex Kyhn Horns: Joseph Leyva, Bill Tole, Julian Peterson Strings on Surgery, Warner and The Truth: David Davidson Violin on Eyes and This Pain: Tobie Milford Lead Vocals: Amber Hunter Additional Vocals: Jordan Coleman, Chrystal Stewart, Rachel Oludiji, Ree Boado, Noel Barto, Brian Whitman Gang Vocals on Eyes, Freedom Road, and Love Angela Smith, Noel Barto, Shannon Murphy, Aaron Dotterer, Cliff Hunter, Millie Rodriguez, Jose Baca, Erin Rankin, Raquel Denis, Chris & Raquel Williams, Matthew Bopp, Richard & April Lam, Steve Lynch, Anna Dufek, Ryan Sadler, Natalie Clarke, Jenna Milazzo, Steve Deckel, Kelly Massey, Megan Comstock, Matt Nunez, Jessica Pigué, tags

For fans of:Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, JJ Heller
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