Amelia Presley

For fans of:Jennifer Nettles, Adelle, Miranda Lambert, Janis Joplin , Ashton Shepherd
Music is not lyrics hastily written to produce a profit. Music is born when feelings are captured. When one is passing from one time in their life to another and every confused, heart broken and overwhelming emotion captures the entire body and soul; lyrics are formed from one's mouth so that they may never forget those feelings. That is beautiful! That is LIFE! Life is beautiful because it is filled with so many emotions, good and bad. I cannot bring myself to write a single song when I am feeling nothing. It just doesn't work and that is why so many artists today produce songs that mean nothing and feel nothing. Music is timeless and lyrics are emotions and feelings that are alive. I have been through alot of hard times in my life and I thank God for every second of hardship because that is when my lyrics are born.