A Minor Bird

For fans of:Switchfoot, Edison Glass, Manchester Orchestra, Paper Route, Arcade Fire
"When A Minor Bird took the stage, elegance and energy merged together and I was left to witness a bona-fide rock show. Embleton’s emotive vocals complemented the music very well. Their sound ultimately seems to have a certain springtime essence to it, leaving you feeling hopeful and inspired." -the Avsio "Where the River Breaks Free has a richly melodic, textured and dynamic sound. The songs, which Embleton originates and the band members embellish, are solidly constructed, catchy and memorable, and charged with emotion. The final mix of the album was done in Nashville by Josh Silverberg from the band Edison Glass. 'You record all these raw tracks,' Netti says, 'Josh really honed in on our sound. He did an incredible job.' " - The Repository