Andrew Peterson

For fans of:Josh Garrels, Josh Ritter, Matthew Perryman Jones, James Taylor, Paul Simon
"Top 10 Album of the Year." USA Today "Album of the Year." Under the Radar "Top 5 Album of the Year." CT Music Awards “Light for the Lost Boy is Peterson’s finest work." --The Sound Opinion "...a pioneering album, a timeless project that redefines what music can do." --The Christian Manifesto "Grand in scope and vivid in detail, Andrew Peterson’s Light for the Lost Boy's lyrics draw upon both personal and literary sources to capture moments of suffering, healing and grace." --iTunes Review "Light For The Lost Boy emerged as a chronicle of the ache that comes from deeply loving something that has been lost, and from daring to hope that it will one day be restored. It s the recognition that any pain we now feel is somehow inseparable from the joy that was intended for us. Light For The Lost Boy pulses with the hurt of the human condition, it s a grief permeated with light and hope and beauty and love." --Amazon