Anna Johnson

Thief (a single from "Here")

Thief (a single from "Here") by Anna Johnson
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For fans of:Alison Krauss, Sara Bareilles, Sara Groves, Norah Jones, Christina Perri
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"Here" will be released worldwide through and via iTunes on April 1st, 2014. The album was funded by supporters and listeners via Kickstarter, and it's my fourth full-length album since moving to Nashville in 2009. It's a piece of my heart, as it came out of a new season of adventure for me - motherhood.

This song, "Thief", is just a taste of the album. I remember sitting on the edge of our guest bed while Eloise napped peacefully in the other room. It was pouring rain, and I was tired, lonesome, and a little run down. I grabbed my guitar (like I often do in those moments), and the words, "let the rain fall down and wash me clean," came to me as if from someone else who was trying to lift my spirits. The song goes on to say, "let the thunder roar and the lightning flash, 'cause I'm not letting anything hold me back."

Nothing can hold us back. Not a storm, not a doubt, not fear, not a thief. Nothing but ourselves deciding not to give it a try.

Here's a little snippet about the project, as you'll find it in the album artwork/packaging:

"Here" is a collection of songs and stories from my heart right now, in this very place, here. In the process of writing and recording the album, I was learning to be a mother; to handle life knowing my priority is my family, first and foremost, along with my faith. With the sleepless nights and many new adventures parenthood holds, came overwhelming emotions and endless inspiration. This album is a result of my feelings and fears, hopes and dreams, deep love and sentiments.

"Here" is a piece of me and my life, and I hope it touches and inspires you in this season of yours. Music is an incredible way to express one's feelings and share the joys and journeys of life. Thank you for listening, enjoying, and loving along with me.


©2014 Anna C Johnson, Robobarista Publishing (ASCAP)

Music and Lyrics by Anna C Johnson.

Produced by Anna C Johnson. Engineered/Mixed/Co-Produced by Michael Head at McPherson Studios, Nashville, TN.

Guitar/Vocals: Anna Johnson; Nylon String & Electric Guitars: David Mitchell; BGVs: Julia Johnson and Chris Wright; Bass: Jason Navo; Drums/Percussion: Chris Wright

For fans of:Alison Krauss, Sara Bareilles, Sara Groves, Norah Jones, Christina Perri
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