Ash n' Soul

For fans of:Chinese man, Gramatik, Wax Taylor, JK Soul, Degiheugi

Take a good Jazz vinyle,

Pour some boom bap in it, Season it with loud bass, Add a stamp of film noir and mix it with passion while blending some soul influences then, Sprinkle the all thing with a Hip Hop vibe. Get an unique Laidback album as a result. Beatmaker/composer Ash n' Soul is back with the lastest volume of his Soulfood serie. Made of 16 tracks, this album will take you away in a nocturne univers, merging with slow beats and soul jazzy samples finely selected. Soulfood vol.3 comes right on time for springtime and summertime, it will keep you warm until next wintertime. Album available since the 1st of March on : Bandcamp, Noisetrade, Youtube, Soundcloud and on