Aaron L. DeWindt Born on January 30, 1982 in Brooklyn, New York.

Being born in New York City, the birth place of Hip Hop, you are bound to be musically driven. Music for me goes back to when I was little. Having a brother who used to be a DJ, a sister who plays the drums and a mother who is from the Virgin Islands who loves gospel and oldies it was amusing to me as a youngster growing up. When I was a teen I was lost as many other children not knowing what I wanted to do in life besides playing ball. If you asked me at that time what was my back up plan I was lost because I didn’t know I could not tell you. But as I got older I found myself drawn more into music I started getting more influence to other culture of music. In 1995 my nephew and I would write rhymes to each other. In school we would bang on the tables free styling, and then I just would write in do beats in my head until when I moved out to Queens, NY to live with my brother Joe I meet Hesston who should me how to rap better using proper words in putting some slang into my lyrics in making songs that is meaningful not just to me but to the people who is going to be listening to me not only did he taught me that he also show how make beats in how a beat is made and broking down into bars & hooks on his mpc 5000 in from that day on I fell more into wanting learn how to make beats. 2005 when I got my first break joining an independent record label called Lunch Box. That’s where I met Jimmy the black genius who taught me how to mix and record properly in the basics of running a label I got the chance of being one of his designated producers it was my first opportunity to show what I can do as a producer then things fell short and I was back to square one again. I was forced to start my own label because of all the talent that was surrounded around me I couldn’t let it go all to waste. I started out as a production company and then my cousins said I should just turn it into a label so I decided to take the next step closer to my dream. Once I had the name Black Storm Records and now I have Frontline Entertainment and we are coming for the crown.

And last but not lease I am as normal as anybody else. I have made mistakes in the past, I have dreams and goals and a vision of building a major power house everything I do is for my family in especially the three precious things in my life in that’s my daughters Arianna, Serenity & Brooklyn so for them I go to times harder.

I would like to say thanks to Barry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, Rick Rubin, Shawn Carter, Sean Combs, Jermaine DuPri, RZA, Teddy Riley and Dr. Dre for all the influence they have had on me to believing I can pursue my dreams of producing in owning my own business.