Ben Davis jr

For fans of:Todd Snider, Steve Earle, John Moreland, David Childers, John Prine

Ben Davis jr understands what it takes to connect with a large audience of people through the vibrant stories he tells over the microphone and the music from his guitar. For the past three years, this singer-songwriter has been meeting, greeting and playing for hundreds of fans of his alt-country/Americana music, thrilling audiences from the live-stage right across the US nation.Helping bring his musical vision to fruition – Ben Davis Jr. (Guitars, Vocals) is backed-up by a superbly-skilled band of three known as ‘The Dirt Poor Troubadours,’ consisting of Dustin Nash (Guitars, Vocals), Jacob Dunn (Bass, Vocals) and Brad Jones (Drums, Vocals). Together – the four of them have set forth on a determined path to share their unique brand of country music and have shared the stage with well-known acts like Shovels And Rope, Tommy Womack, Waylon Speed, The Avett Brothers and many, many more. On New Year’s Eve of 2013, Ben Davis Jr. and his talented musical-cohorts released the debut album The Day Before Payday. The music was beautiful, creative, and managed to connect with an astounding number of new fans through Ben’s authentic, imaginative and powerful songs. This whirlwind of support led quickly to an online fan-base that now contains well-over 2000 dedicated country/folk-music fans and also landed them their very own station on Pandora internet radio. Taking the success of the debut album straight into 2014 – you’ll find Ben Davis Jr. & his crew working harder than ever before. Touring far & wide to gain even more support for the upcoming release & follow-up album "Take Care" – this young songwriter has found himself at the center of the most exciting and creative time in his life. Ready to share it with their enthusiastic fan-base and new-fans alike – whether it’s the folk-music or country-music aspect of Ben Davis Jr.’s work that you notice at first, there is always something for everyone to love about his inventive, layered & well-played songs. Combined with his incredibly hard work-ethic and brilliant songwriting – Ben Davis Jr. sets a new standard for all artists; his incredible genuine ability to unify and connect to people through the fantastic music he loves to make, shows the heart and dedication of an artist that truly lives through his craft.