Ben Rothermel

Lancaster, PA
For fans of:Jon Foreman, Conor Oberst, Damien Rice, Coldplay, Right Away, Great Captain!

Setting out from Lancaster, PA, indie folk singer/songwriter Ben Rothermel is always on a journey. He's constantly realizing himself in new ways everyday while remaining uncompromising to his original goal – to write music from his heart that he can sing and feel every night.

Today’s society is looking for fulfillment. Like true sons of of the wind, they chase the ever rising and setting sun. Ben found a moment of fulfillment when he wrote a song and has been pursuing that moment relentlessly from the stage to studio ever since.

Ben has had the honor of sharing stages with artists such as Josh Garrels, Denison Witmer, Bradley Hathaway, Joy Ike, Farewell Flight, and Greg Volz of the band Petra. He's taken his talent on the road from humid Memphis to downtown Nashville to farther up the East coast in Baltimore and New York City.

With a strong work ethic of putting his most into every performance, he commands attention! Ken Steorts, President of Visible School and founding guitarist of rock band Skillet put it best when he said, “...when he takes the stage, you just like him, dang it!”