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BFP Halloween Compilation Album

BFP Halloween Compilation Album by Band Fan Promotions
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For fans of:Oceans Red, XVI, RIngs Of Saturn, In Loving Memory, Memphis May Fire
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  1. CORINTHIANS - Purposes(Intro).mp3
  2. Enfield - 1543.mp3
  3. Awaken The Dreamer - Singvlarity (Ft. Aaron Matts).mp3
  4. Borderlands - Designed Lines.mp3
  5. Elision - A Noose For A Nuisance.mp3
  6. I Am The Witness - Goliath.mp3
  7. XVI - Cleansing.mp3
  8. Dawnfall XV - Consumed by Darkness (Demo).mp3
  9. Made In March - Release The Kraken.mp3
  10. Blackest Sin - Inner Torment.mp3
  11. Pillars - Trails.mp3
  12. Elision - Don't Get Stoned In A Glass House.mp3
  13. Traitors - Arrogance.mp3
  14. Enfield - Cartography.mp3
  15. Darkened Horizons - Crossing the Light - 02 Terminant.mp3
  16. From Dusk Until Dawn - Going Under.mp3
  17. The Mighty The Few - Act II I Am The Kraken.mp3
  18. Fatem - Chameleon(Demo).mp3
  19. Sequel Of Sunday - Shinedown Your Sun (ft William Jarratt of Storm The Sky).mp3
  20. Imminent Annihilation - Somme.mp3
  21. Mercury Killed Newton - Shear.mp3
  22. Of Tall Tales - The Movement.mp3
  23. Simon Says Die - I Ran (Flock of Seagulls Cover).mp3
  24. The End Of Empires - Never Is Forever.mp3
  25. Imminent Annihilation - Mother War(Outro).mp3
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The Band Fan Promotions Comp. Album contains 25 tracks from about 20 different bands and this is the heaviest Album I've released yet. All songs are METAL and if you find a song that you like from this album feel free to check that band out and listen to some of their other songs that they may have available on their Facebook page.

For fans of:Oceans Red, XVI, RIngs Of Saturn, In Loving Memory, Memphis May Fire
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