Blind With Rain

For fans of:Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, Skinny Puppy, William Control, Filter

Blind With Rain, established in 2001 by Aaron Geis, can be best described as an Electro-Industrial/Industrial Rock/Ambient-Industrial project. The 2005 debut E.P. titled, The Chemical Window, cemented his art with a new and experimental sound that is immediately both tender and severe. In 2008, the long-awaited full-length album, A Transmission of Data in the Static, assaulted new ground in the Industrial Rock and Electro-Industrial genres.

With a name inspired by Dante Gabriel Rossetti's nineteenth-century poem, "The Portrait," Blind With Rain carries its origins well with the careful marriage of classic, industrial themes and pulsating instrumental pieces with an enormously broad selection of experimental layers and vicious hooks. The sound is at once distantly familiar and distinctly unique with shattering vocal tracks that pierce the subconscious and demand its submission. 2009 was a prolific year for Blind With Rain, and saw the release of three bodies of work. First, the instrumental E.P. Stillness and the Memory, which confronted the stages of grief after the sudden death of a loved one. Five months later, the ten-track single for Again was released featuring remixes and reworkings of this A Transmission of Data in the Static song. 2009 closed with the release of the remix album, Pressing Data with Digits. This album represents a one year collaboration between Geis, remix artists, and fans providing an alternate listening experience of the A Transmission of Data in the Static album. Sanctus Luna (directly but not literally translating to "Holy Moon"), originally envisioned to be a film score for a documentary, was released in May of 2011. This album spans from beautiful serene landscapes to dense ambient pieces, while simultaneously trekking through abandoned hallways of blown diodes. Geis commented on this album stating, "Even though I promised the next Blind With Rain album would be returning to more of the industrial sound, I have decided to move forward with the release of this instrumental album. I feel that this collection of songs stands on its own."

A new vocal-driven Blind With Rain album (titled, "Inter") was released on August 1st of 2015.