For fans of:Underworld, BT, Yello, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis

Building on Veneer and Tectonic, Superficial forms the third part of Blume’s ‘Masquerade’ trilogy and features 12 brand new tracks. Whilst Blume’s signature sound is clearly in evidence, Superficial forges lush orchestration with frenetic electronica to showcase his musical evolution. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of composers including Vangelis, Hans Zimmer and Daft Punk, Blume has constructed emotionally charged, ethereal soundscapes, from the locomotive euphoria of Emergence to the melancholic Ghosts.

Opening and closing tracks Virtuality and Actuality work as bookends to an epic, cinematic journey through strange worlds and you could be forgiven for thinking that Superficial is the soundtrack to the latest Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. Continuing the striking visual theme of the first two albums, Superficial includes stunning new artwork from Serbian digital artist Fluidizzed. Track listing: Virtuality / Pursuit / Ghosts / Emergence / Transcending / Messages / Discovery / Duality / Luna / Eden Lost / Adam & Eve / Actuality