Bobby James

For fans of:Black Crowes, Travis Tritt, Bad Company
Bobby James was born in Jackson, KY. It was here that he was first introduced into music, when he started learning the guitar as young as five years old. His parents brought him up in church where he played on his first stage. He then moved to Berea, KY where he continued to pursue music until he moved to Nashville. Bobby James is a singer/songwriter that is based out of Nashville,Tennessee. He has been there for 9 years and has definitely paid his time on the circuit to become one of the most seasoned musicians of his age. Everyone that comes to one of his shows will let you know that he has a way of communicating to the crowd to make them feel like a part of the whole experience. Regardless of his rigorous schedule he has launched his debut album "Me, Myself, and I". It has been described as a rock meets new country flavor of the current country sound in Nashville today. He is currently working on his next album; which he hopes to relase by the end of Summer 2012.