Bo Haan

For fans of:Prince, Michael Jackson, Mayer Hawthorne, Chromeo, Breakbot

Hailing from Yuanlin, Taiwan by way of Vancouver, Bo Haan is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with a distinctively funky sonic imprint.

While Bo has always had a keen interest in music as child, it was serendipity which would set him on a career as a producer and recording artist. After a show with his high school band, Bo was abruptly pulled aside backstage and was asked if he would like to collaborate and record with a "local musician". The local musician turned out to be the venerable Billboard No. 1 artist Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive).

Since then, Bo Haan has worked diligently behind the scenes as a composer, producer, and writer with the likes of Russian pop diva Sasha Gradiva, internet sensation Wong Fu Productions, and acclaimed film composer George Shaw all while working a grueling day job as an attorney. Despite the hectic work schedule, Bo also managed to win first place in the 2012 season of ETTV Top Idol, the longest-running Chinese-language reality show/singing competition in North America.

In February 2015, Bo left a lucrative legal career to produce and release his first album "Risky Business" in collaboration with hip-hop artist DH. The throwback G-Funk album paid tribute to the sounds that shaped Bo's musical landscape, and introduced the world to his ability to innovate and push the boundaries of an established genre.

In August 2015, Bo released his sophomore album, "Funkified" - a collection of funked up pop hits which showcases Bo's ability as a producer to turn anything he touches into funky RetroFuture gold. "Funkified" also features Bo as the sole and only recording artist - and the smooth-as-silk vocals and unforgettably percussive falsetto style solidify Bo as a heavyweight singer with a unique, unrivaled voice.

When asked about his seemingly unwise decision to leave a stable desk job to become the proverbial starving musician, Bo had this to say: "I may not be remembered as a clever man who ruled the Wall Street trading floor," says Bo, "but I'll make damned sure that I'm remembered as the man who funked you on your local dance floor".