Brightly Feathered Ones

For fans of:Rolling Stones, 13th Floor Elevators, Nirvana

Brightly Feathered Ones constructed hard rock songs according to the pop aesthetic or... pop songs according to the hard rock aesthetic. Stylistically, the music was purposed within a silhouette of the verse, chorus, verse model of songwriting.

Before developing the project further, we aspired that our initial body of work would pre-exist as the aforementioned genres exploding with universally recognized principles of hard rock bombast brewed with melodic hooks as evidence that a foundation of great regard for the sheen of pop music had been established within the band prodigiously ahead of the backlash of negative criticism that would inevitably arise, as it often does, concerning the newly minted polish of any career driven band’s production event of a positive hypothetical, of course.

The crux of failure in relation to any collective effort is the absence of a consensus concerning vision. Toward the end, Brightly Feathered Ones was a little known, staggered project that had just begun to flicker a semblance of potential that life itself would ultimately extinguish.

Chadd Petty was the singer and guitar player.

Dimon Dixon was the drummer.

Vic Benys was the bass player.