Brittney Bouchard

For fans of:Taylor Swift, Christina Perri, Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry, Sara Bareilles

Brittney Bouchard is an LA based indie-pop artist, songwriter, and model. In 2012 she burst onto the local LA scene with a bang when the Kickstarter campaign created to fund her musical project outdid itself. In only a few weeks, Brittney’s fans raised well over $8,000 which funded her critically-acclaimed EP, “Addicted to Heartbreak” produced by Justin Glassco (Cary Brothers, Serena Ryder.)The EP was followed by a series of sold-out shows at LA’s best venues allowing Bouchard to connect to her many online fans whose support she says has been “everything.” Although she has been an active songwriter since before she can remember, her writing career blossomed in 2013 when various TV & Film placements began rolling in for material she had written with other artists, some which led to new avenues in which Brittney was able to bring her own project to new fans in the international community. In 2014, Brittney released her single “I Will Be Yours,” a heartfelt song that showcases Bouchard “at a whole other level as a writer,” and was well received by fans and the music industry alike. Written with and produced by MJ and iRoc, (Chris Medina, Collette Carr, HWood), Brittney filmed the video for the song in Agoura Hills, California on a ranch that she successfully converted to a “fairy after party,” which was always her secret vision for the love song. “It’s about possibilities, and what can happen when you take a chance, and a leap of faith,” she says. “I wanted to create a magical world in the video, and I’m really excited that I got to bring my vision to life.” Brittney’s next single “Paper Airplanes” (Produced by Tony Fagenson from Eve6, Release Date TBA) will be featured in the 2015 movie “What About Love” starring Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia. “Paper Airplanes,” which is a raw emotional pop anthem, may just be Bouchard’s most personal and most relatable song yet. “I’ve been waiting for a long time, staring up at the sky and chasing someone else’s stars, I’m just reflected light.” When asked about these lyrics, Bouchard looks away for a moment and smiles wryly. “I think most people have felt that way at some point in their life, and I wanted to portray it in a powerful way, where we acknowledge that, but still encourage people not to give up on themselves or their dreams.” With additional European releases on the horizon still for 2014, Brittney has been back in her favorite place- the studio, collaborating with some world-renown writers and producers, developing a very mysterious project she refers to as “The Legend of Jonny California.” While she won’t provide many details on the project, she assures that audiences are going to see a side of her they haven’t seen before.