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Bio slaves2kings April 26, 2015 0 comments Broadway has been infatuated with music as early as age eight. With influences such as 50 cent and R. Kelly it’s no wonder his stage presence, and energy has turned him into a Hiphop favorite in Philly. Broadway was raised by a single mother in the rugged streets of North Philadelphia. So he knows a thing or two about poverty. It’s that tough upbringing that helped mold Broadway into the artist that he is today. What makes Broadway special is his unique storytelling ability in his music. He has an incredible ability to be thought provoking and still make you “turn up”. A multi-faceted lyricist who shares the experience of the mis-educated youth trying to make it in America (with a touch of ratchetness, lol). While Hip Hop is where his heart lies he has a vast appreciation for all genres of music, specifically R&B. His manipulation and arrangement of words, aligning them with just the right melodies and beats makes him a front runner in the music industry. Considering himself part of the artistic elite complimented by savvy business acumen is what keeps him going and propels his momentum. He pays homage to artist such as: Michael JacksonBeyoncé2PacKanye WestEminemJay-ZLauren HillJust to name a few. These are the artists who inspired Broadway musically. But there is also a socio-economic, political and religious influence on Broadway’s music as well. This is prevalent in songs such as Preach, Gold, New Slaves and many more. He’s done extensive research on political leaders such as: Malcolm XJohn F. KennedyMartin Luther KingMarcus GarveyArnold Schwarzenegger (just kidding, lol)and the list goes on. If it were not for leaders such as these then perhaps there wouldn’t be a Broadway. Broadway was once ½ of a two man group called 3erd Lane that developed a strong local buzz and done tons of shows all over Philly and abroad. As a member of 3erdlane they performed at the best venues in the city. With legendary performances at the Tracadero, World Café, North Star and so on. Together they lit the city of Philly on fire with songs such as Gimme Dat Deal, Crazy, First Crush and many more. Due to creative differences in 2013 the dynamic duo decided to part ways. In 2014 he decided to branch out on his own and start a record label, Slaves2Kings LLC., where he maintains all creative control. He’s now able to express himself artistically with no limits. But it wasn’t enough for Broadway to just start a record label. He wanted to show Philly, the tri-state and the world what it means to be Slaves2Kings. Broadway said that he doesn’t want people to get the idea that Slaves2Kings is about about black people going through chattel slavery. “Slaves2Kings means to break free from the chains of mediocrity and go after your dreams.”Broadway believes that all people from all walks of life can relate to this way of thinking hence Slave2Kings is born. Broadway’s lyrics offer an exceptional consciousness that breaks up the monotony. He considers himself blessed with an innate talent that he’s eager to share with the world.