Brock's Folly

For fans of:Avett Brothers, Keith Green, Fleet Foxes, Josh Ritter, Mumford & Sons

Brock's Folly was conceived at Bryan College in Dayton, TN, which lies just north of Chattanooga. Started as a band of musicians who just wanted to jam, the band aged slowly, but beautifully. After time, it was quite clear that the music they were making was something they believed in—something worth changing their lives for. So, after school, Jesse Murray and Justus Stout kept the flame alive and moved to Atlanta, where they paired up with Demetris Madden, Phil Hodges, and Michael Minkoff. The addition of a funk drummer, jazz guitarist, and rock bassist would turn their strictly folk venture into a full-bodied, raging Americana band of brothers. Their marriage of empathy and sometimes violent passion for truth is unmistakable, and is a tenet of youth they hope never to grow out of.