chronological third

chronological third by bucharelli_luv
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For fans of:Les Sins, XXYYXX, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Toro y Moi
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  1. lenses
  2. junglephun
  3. bilingual bull
  4. taken
  5. No. 3
  6. luvme
  7. shaded
  8. feels off
  9. say it
  10. real (intermission)
  11. religious
  12. mikey
  13. emily
  14. and george
  15. cape town (interlude)
  16. fruits
  17. chronic
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Chilling sounds excellent doesn't it? With this project you can chill and converse with bucharelli and his loved one as he explains his journey to becoming what he is today, that being "enlightened". After so much Trillwave and Chillwave trap, bucharelli attempts to explore a more chillwave/vaporwave-based album, chronological third. chronological third tampers with a variety of chords and synths, as well as drum pads, having your ears never tire of the same sound, however, luving the similar sounds. Along with the chill vibes, there's also a dance vibe sewed into the project as well. bucharelli states that after listening to Toro y Moi/Les Sins' Causers of This and Michael he was inspired to attempt a mixture. if you luv to vibe with friends or dance with friends, this is a great selection for you. spread the bucharelli_luv with bucharelli's second full-length, chronological third. summon your third eye.


written, produced and mastered by bucharelli

Thank you Lord for giving me the talent, knowledge, rhythm, fans, and courage to make this album possible. thanks to my loving girlfriend for encouraging me to go to the next step and put vocals on this project. thanks to my fellow collective members Induhgo and Mitrxxx for mentoring me and delivering advice on how to make this the best it could be. thank you Toro y Moi for being awesome and inspiring me to make this LP.

For fans of:Les Sins, XXYYXX, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Toro y Moi
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