The Buzz Killingtons

It's The Buzz Killingtons!

It's The Buzz Killingtons! by The Buzz Killingtons
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For fans of:Soul Gestapo, Jonny B and the Genesee Three, Spinal Tap
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  1. If You Gotta Go
  2. (Let's Go!) Where The Action Is
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If You Gotta Go

(A. Ochoa)


(Let’s Go!) Where the Action Is


The Buzz Killingtons

feat. The West Homewood Horns

Wait. Who? The Buzz Killingtons are an American rock band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. The BK’s are perhaps best known for their ongoing refusal to cease existing as a band in spite of public indifference and the continuing diaspora of original members. Their first Farewell Show occurred on June 12, 2014 and has evolved into an annual event. The Buzz Killingtons are also instrumental in preserving the True Spirit of Christmas™ via their now 5th Almost Annual Christmas Show, which last year was attended by 5 people due to the extenuating circumstance of being held on a completely different date than had been publicized. In 2016, the Christmas Show will take place on December 16 and you should totally come by if you happen to be in the vicinity of 41st Street by the train tracks that separate Avondale from Woodlawn.

The Buzz Killingtons sound has been variously described as “one chords and the truth,” “ummm, interesting,” and perhaps most accurately, “proto-retro-dad-garage-literally-anyone-can-do-this.” The Buzz Killingtons’ collective disdain for the so-called “Establishment” is nearly as powerful as the Establishment’s utter disinterest in the Buzz Killingtons.

What you have before you is two songs that were recorded by the aforementioned The Buzz Killingtons. With professional help. It must be stated in the interest of open and honest communication to whoever has made it this far, completing these two songs is no small feat for this particular band, who have managed to publicly crash-and-burn on such garage band starter fare as “Wild Thing” and “You Really Got Me.” So while this requires no long-term commitment—financial or otherwise—from you, it does require a high tolerance for nonsense, a sense of the existential absurdity of life on earth, and an appreciation of the fact that there is now a little bit more rock and roll in the world than there used to be. That is the implied contract that you have made with The Buzz Killingtons should you proceed further.

“If You Gotta Go” is the work of Spaniard Aitor Ochoa of Soul Gestapo. “Let’s Go Where The Action Is” is a Boyce and Hart original that was the theme song of a mid-1960’s American Bandstand homage (shameless ripoff) called Where The Action Is.

You ask yourself: Out of all the songs in all the jukeboxes in all the juke joints in all the world, why these two songs? Fair question. A simple answer: these are two of the songs we know how to play. We don’t know how to play many. That shrinks a seemingly infinite numbers of choices down to, say, 12 or 15 or maybe 20 if we’re grading generously.

When: these songs were recorded over three sessions in November and December, 2016. Real musicians could have done it in one session with ample time for ping-pong.

Where: 5th Avenue South Recording Studio. Maybe you’ve never heard of it. It is not easy to find in spite of the not-subtle clue offered in the name. Certainly it is not (yet) spoken of in the same reverent tones as Abbey Road, Olympic Studios, The Record Factory, Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Electric Lady Studio or RCA Studio B. These recordings will do nothing to elevate the reputation of 5th Ave. S. RS. But what it lacks in name recognition it makes up for with such intangibles as a nonjudgmental environment, and such tangibles as a working restroom. And also a professional engineer/producer in Joel Madison Blount who can, theoretically and/or hypothetically if called upon to do so, make a band sound better than they might actually be IRL (as the kids say). It is also where a dog and children are tolerated if not exactly welcome.

Why? Because we believe in the temporarily salvific possibilities of rock and roll played loudly. Because cheap beer. Because dammit someone had to do it and it might as well be us.

Point is: a band recorded some songs and now you get to listen to those songs, if you choose to do so.


The Buzz Killingtons:

Jim Naftel - Guitar

Jeremy Snyder - Guitar

Jon Becker - Drums, Keyboards

Ashley Self - Vocals

Tom Cannon - Bass

"If You Gotta Go" features the Sweet Sounds of the West Homewood Horns:

Jeff Koonce - Trombone

Collin Newberry - Saxophone

Steven Roberts - Trumpet


This was produced by Joel Madison Blount at the soon-to-be-legendary 5th Avenue South Studio in Birmingham, Alabama. "If You Gotta Go" was written by Aitor Ochoa, one of Spain's most badass rockers . "Let's Go Where The Action Is" was written by the prodigious songwriting team of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. We changed up the first verse a bit. We don't think they'd mind.

For fans of:Soul Gestapo, Jonny B and the Genesee Three, Spinal Tap
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