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Higher Place (Instrumental)

Higher Place (Instrumental) by C3NC Music
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For fans of:Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, C3 Church Oxford Falls
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  1. Dawn / Lift My Eyes (Instrumental)
  2. Zephaniah / Mighty (Instrumental)
  3. Ashes (Instrumental)
  4. Standing / Strongest Place (Instrumental)
  5. Borderline (Instrumental)
  6. Shepherd / Shores (Instrumental)
  7. Swear To Me (Instrumental)
  8. Confession (Instrumental)
  9. Rise & Rise / Song Of Breakthrough (Instrumental)
  10. So Be It / Pure Praise (Instrumental)
  11. Eden (Instrumental)
  12. Seventh / March (Instrumental)

Higher Place, the new LP from C3NC is an instrumental album about new perspectives; higher perspectives. Split into three chapters (Voyage, Healing, and Courage), the album is intricate and profound from its conceptualization to its execution.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Higher Place takes the listener on a journey to hear the echoes of heaven’s song.


Producers: Chris Quinton, Jackson Barclay

Writers: Chris Quinton, Erika Croxford, Ben Graham, Nik Karlin, Jackson Barclay

Song Stories: Erika Croxford, Chris Quinton, Ben Graham

Engineer: Jackson Barclay

Assistant Engineer: Nik Karlin

Mix: Jackson Barclay

Master: Trent Dobson

Artwork: Martyn Webb, Gabi Graham, Bella Cauchi

Logistics Manager: Michael Cauchi

Film: Michael Cauchi

Recorded: A house in Smiths Lake NSW AUSTRALIA

Vocals: Erika Croxford, Chris Quinton

Drums: Chris Quinton

Machine & Percussion: Nik Karlin, Jackson Barclay

Bass: Nik Karlin, Kingston Hasson (Swear to me)

Moog Bass: Nik Karlin Electric Guitar: Ben Graham, Aaron Smallcombe, Chris Quinton

Acoustic Guitar: Chris Quinton

OP1: Chris Quinton, Nik Karlin, Jackson Barclay, Erika Croxford

Synth: Jackson Barclay, Erika Croxford, Chris Quinton, Andrew Halyburton

Keys: Lachlan Craggs, Erika Croxford, Jackson Barclay

Piano: Chris Quinton

Special thanks to: Ryan, Jense & Jue-bear Croxford, Bella, Zepha & Michael Cauchi, Libby, Seb, Levi & Scarlett Smallcombe, Jon & Sarah Pass and Gabi Graham

For fans of:Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, C3 Church Oxford Falls
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