Calum Carlyle

For fans of:Nick Drake, Andrew Bird, Mumford And Sons, Bob Dylan, The Beatles
My name's Calum Carlyle, and i'm a singer-songwriter based in Edinburgh. Originally from Orkney, I used to be in a band called the Lapels with Kris Drever, who has since gone on to become a successful folk musician. Myself, i continued writing and performing my own material and more recently have been part of several Scottish bands including Neoviolet and The Ferny Brackens. For a while I also had my own band, the Mixed Reactions, until the various members moved away due to family and work commitments (that's how it is in the music business!) I am also involved in a new hip-hop/folk collaboration with Conscious Route called The Urban Folk Crowd, and of course i'm still writing my own music, as well as running a monthly showcase night called Edinburgh Unlimited, and helping to run a weekly open mic called Out Of The Bedroom. You can hear my solo music at - enjoy!