Calvin Whetstone

Father Of All Days

Father Of All Days by Calvin Whetstone
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For fans of:Phil Wickham, Bethel Music, John Mark McMillan, Jeremy Riddle
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  1. Lost In The Fullness
  2. Heirs
  3. Father Of All Days
  4. Above It All
  5. You Are Faithful
  6. From Ashes

"Father Of All Days" features 6 original songs written by Calvin Whetstone. With songs such as "Heirs" written from Romans 8:17 and speaking of the authority we have in Christ, to the intimate, "You Are Faithful," this album is focuses on our identities in Christ and the faithfulness of God.


I want to say thank you to all of those who made this album a possibility. I could not have done this without the help of all of my backers on Kickerstarter. I specifically want to say thank you to Aaron and Amanda Yoder, Scott Haney, Don Cheesman, Cody Cline, and Josh and Janae Spinney. Thank you Sean Swanson, for making the artwork for this album. You came up with an awesome look for it, and I am so thankful for your work. And also to Cody Cline for helping me put the finishing touches on formatting. A special thanks goes out to Calvin Bontrager. You were the one who believed in me from the beginning, and invested time and resources to make this happen. Love you man, and thank you for giving me an opportunity. Thanks to my grandparents, Wayne and Becky Haney, who not only supported me financially, but also supported me as you listened to me rant about this project from the beginning. Whether I was super excited or extremely frustrated, you listened and supported me. You have been incredible role models, and I could not have done this without you.Thanks to my family (Mom, Dad, Brittini, and Wesley) who have always believed in me. You guys mean the world to me, and I love you so much! Thanks to David Cummings for encouraging me along the way and answering so many questions. Your friendship and wisdom means a lot to me. Love you man! Thanks to Nate Butler at Nimble Wit Productions. Dude, you are the man! You did to this album what you said you would from the very beginning. You made it sound awesome! I loved working with you! Also, thanks to Amber Butler, for putting up with a bunch of guys being over at your house late into the night. Also thank you both for your work on the backing vocals on “Above It All.”Thank you Joel Jimenez for letting us track drums and acoustics in your studio. It was extremely helpful! Thanks to Chris Gala (Imperial 555), Jason Ray Schoepfer (Rocky Mountain Sound Design), and Abel Mendoza (Abel Mendoza Productions) for allowing us to use your pads on “You are Faithful.”Thanks to my guys! There is way too much to say here so I’m keeping it short. Thank you Tyler Callahan, CJ Hock, Patrick Forgey, and Mark Richards. You guys are some of the best friends I could ask for. You made this album incredible. Your devotion to it means a ton to me, and I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for the laughs, memories, arguments, and hour-long group texts about album and band names. You guys are incredible! Thanks for making this happen!Lastly, I want to say that none of this was possible without God. He had his hands over all the details. Without His love for me, there would be no song to sing. I pray that this album helps to lead this generation to a correct understanding of who we are as sons and daughters of Christ.

For fans of:Phil Wickham, Bethel Music, John Mark McMillan, Jeremy Riddle
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