Camille Joy

For fans of:Sia, Ella Henderson, Deborah Cox, Etta James, Brooke Fraser

Music weaves throughout Camille Joy’s history in snapshots of power and intimacy. Whether singing for 35 young girls rescued from a brothel in India, experiencing the individualism and adventures in Berkeley, Ca, soaking in new culture and people in Africa, or writing at home in Nashville, her creativity and style reflect the sound of a wide variety of experiences all around the world.

It was less than a year ago when she was given a ticket for a cruise where she was unexpectedly asked to perform a song in front of her fellow cruise passengers. She got discovered on that cruise. An accomplished Nashville producer asked her to sing for him. She performed the first song she ever wrote, “Lover of my Soul”, and her life began to rapidly change. The producer instantly ‘got’ her passion for combining Blues and Jazz into a Soulful mixture.

So after returning stateside, she signed an agreement to begin producing her first album. And proving the old cliché is alive and well, she moved to Nashville with no plans other than to record her music.

This new recording, Arise, showcases nine songs written by Camille Joy and one powerful classic, “At Last” by Etta James. For the songwriting material, she drew from deep emotional experiences.

Her songs paint pictures of love’s beauty and power. The songs give glimpses from her travels around the US and the world where she saw beauty in the midst of poverty and injustice, joy in the midst of extreme sickness, and acceptance among a family of strangers.But vulnerability has its costs: “In the middle of this process I almost ran from all of it. While writing my music and being in Nashville around so many talented musicians, I realized that my voice, sound, theme, lyrics, songs, and package was totally different than the music around me. I felt tremendous pressure to mold into being less different. I almost rewrote all my songs and wanted to take a huge break. But I decided to push through with the momentum already behind the album, so what you get on this album is raw and real. I had to let perfect go. The album represents the beautiful mess of love. Its not supposed to sound perfect… it’s supposed to feel real.”