For fans of:Beautiful Eulogy, Little Dragon, Portishead

CATAPHANT is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of Chicago, Illinois whose various art forms (music, painting, writing, among others) explore the dark but beautiful areas of faith and redemption.

Musically, CATAPHANT's influences span several continents and include trip hop, South American folk, hip hop, cumbia, and electronica. She is a frequent collaborator with hip hop artists from Humble Beast Records. A firm believer in the advancement of women in the arts, she founded YOUNG LADY, a creative brand that gives grants to women in hip hop.

The name CATAPHANT is a combination of her real name, Catalina, and the word Elephant, her favorite animal. Elephants carry a wide breadth of symbolism, but in this case are merely used to reference the consistently nomadic nature of elephant herds. This alludes to the continuous movement towards sanctification characterized by devotion to Jesus as well as CATAPHANT’s inability to sit still. CATAPHANT was born in Kansas, raised in Ohio, and has called Chicago home for the past decade. She is half-Colombian, half-Argentine and uses the cultural complexity of her upbringing to influence her creative process, often drawing influences from South American folk art, using art as social activism, and creating work about the space between cultural identity and spirituality.