Cats from Alpha

For fans of:Nirvana, the Flaming Lips, Arcade fire, Radiohead, R.E.M.

A spaceship coming from Alpha Centauri carrying humanoid creatures with faces vaguely resembling cats fell down on the snowy ground of Iceland one winter day in 1947. Though the impact was pretty soft and none of the creatures were seriously injured it was impossible for them to repair their spaceship and leave our planet. Communication devices also underwent serious damages, leaving the aliens with nothing to do but prepare themselves for a new life on Earth. It's believed that many have had encounters with human beings since then, though there is no documented proof nor evidence. Some say they now live among us, apparently enjoying our life-style and looking no different from you and me. I've never met one though. I think. Whether the band Cats from Alpha is related to them or not I couldn't say.

Cats from Alpha is a collective whose sound combines styles ranging from Beatles-influenced psychedelia to alternative rock, american folk, and experimental music. Their unique mix of vintage gear, mad sounds, and lyrics that deal with the struggle of understanding life on this planet creates a melancholic yet powerful mood. They released two EPs and a full length to universal acclaim, though, amazingly, they are still largely unknown on planet Earth to this day.