Charlie Worsham

Daytrotter Session - Aug 26, 2013

Aug 26, 2013 Big Light Studio Nashville, TN by Charlie Worsham
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  1. Welcome To Daytrotter / Could It Be
  2. Trouble Is
  3. Rubber Band
  4. Young To See
Charlie Worsham says it best when he suggests that "this" -- meaning that all important or intriguing relationship/fling that he's just gotten himself into -- is either going to go down in flames or he's going to wind up changing her name. The Nashville songwriter straddles that line with most of the songs on his impressive debut album, knowing deep down that he's liable to stick to either side of the coin. Nothing's got him leaning either way and most of the fun comes out of the obscurity of the feelings as the appear, get sweaty and hot, vaporize and sometimes come back stronger than they originally were.

Love is nothing if it's not wily and quite squirrely. It's a force to be reckoned with. Like a bad bender, it can pick you up and drop you into some future tense where your memories are all jumbled, but as the stories come in from other people -- you've been having a great time. You can get yourself caught up in the bluster and the breeze of it all and you just go with it until the winds drop you off and you get taken by the next. Worsham brings us these stories of sweet affection and disappointment -- it seems -- while he's jamming a lemon wedge down the neck of a bottle of cold Corona. We will always drink to these kinds of young love stories.