For fans of:JGivens, Jackie Hill Perry, Lecrae, Andy Mineo

From the primitive hip hop area known as the Southwest, Zach “Chazm” Martinez was brought up in a household that served Jesus. His father was a youth director of Bible Study Fellowship where Chazm built his foundation of faith and developed study tools for the Gospel. His mother, was also founded in the Christian faith so it only made sense that Chazm would follow in their footsteps. At the age of 8, Chazm began writing poetry and sharing it with his school, teachers, and family. This art became a fascination for him all the while being engulfed in hip hop music. The voices of Binary Star, Eminem, Papoose, and Lil Wayne filled his headphones for years. Where that music spoke of acts that went against his beliefs, he was consumed by their creative rhyme schemes. This led to his own step into creating hip hop music, where he started writing in his college apartment. His original music glorified all things that he knew were deeply separating him from his foundation of faith. It wasn’t until 2010 where Chazm heard a testimony of a hip hop artist who loved Jesus. This changed the ways of writing for Chazm as he then began his journey to use his talents to serve Jesus through his music. Pursuing his music led him to connecting with a two-time New Mexico Music Award winning producer and artist, Madik, who took him under his wing and began to teach him to create professional music. Today, the sound Chazm creates combines poetry and hip hop. His unique style brings a fresh feel and his lyrics bring context that will have you examine your own heart.