Chibi Kodama

For fans of:They Might Be Giants, Weezer, The Not Its!, recess monkey, the boogers

Hi there, we are Chibi Kodama! We, John and Yvonne Cullimore are the proud parents of four (soon to be five) little girls. We're a tribe of artists. We love stories, music, movies, paintings and crafts of all sorts.

I, John, have played for a couple decades in various genre. I've been in hardcore metal bands, I've done the grunge thing, and supported worship and folk bands as well.

Being lovers of music, there was a dilemma we would often face.

We parents have all experienced that long car ride with our little ones. The ride with the never ending, pandering kids songs playing on repeat. They bore their way into your mind and drive you insane.

In some desperate effort for some variety one day I made a playlist of some of my favorite 90's rock to sing along with. I wanted it to be fun,clean and playful. A great chunk of this consisted of songs by Weezer.

One afternoon my girls and I were headed down the road singing along to "Surfwax USA" at the top of our lungs.I grinned listening from the front seat.

Then I thought, "Oh man! This would be an excellent format for kids music!"

Thus, Chibi Kodama was born.

I wanted to make fun, loud, big music for young ones and families to enjoy. I wanted lyrics that could be playful, yet also encourage discussion, empathy and understanding.

I also wanted to enjoy cranking it up as much as the kids did. All in all, I was making music that I would want to listen to with my kids.

With our first release, "Tiny, Magical People" we explored a whole lot of sounds and themes. It was all an experiment and we were finding our way. Some of the songs have definitely stuck with us more than others and are going the distance.

When setting out to write and craft our newest collection entitled, "We're not going crazy... (We're just growing up)" we went in knowing far more as to what we wanted.

Our newest album is a fairly rowdy, sing along romp through the emotions of being young and not always knowing how to function and get by. The songs range from wild punk rock antenna with gang vocals, playful acoustic jaunts and even a few pointed and smoother synth pop power songs of love and understanding.

Thus far, with pre-release copies,many are responding well to the songs "20 More Dollars" and "Going Crazy."

Our hope and vision is that these songs can be tools of encouragement in the hands of families as well as bringing great joy and hours of loud, rockin' fun.

May we families hold right to one another as the crazy emotional roller coasters come at full force and realize that it's not that we're going crazy... We're just growing up.