Chuck Sadosky

For fans of:Eric Burdon, Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Robbie Robertson, Daryl Hall

Hi, thanks for coming to this site. I'm excited! "Direction Unknown" is now for sale at, itunes, whotunes. My career has been reborn after drifting away for a number of years. I began writing, publishing, producing when I was 14. My first trips into the studio to record songs I had written was at 15. I play guitar, drums and other percussion. Most of my background has been in RB, soul, alternative. I love minors, dissonance in my music. The internet has brought me back in touch with a lot of great musicians. They began dragging me back into writing and producing again. OK, I wasn't dragged. LOL. I have near a dozen new songs written. I'm humbled by the responses I have been getting around the world. Thank YOU! Yes YOU! Now the pressure is on to finish mixing and writing more songs to complete a EP/CD this year. I have been in and out of this music thing for many years. I love to produce and was in the studio recently working with some new artists. I would love to hear from you so send an email at my website. Thanks for listening and letting me ramble. Your support is awesome! Time to go work on fan newsletters...yeah sign up!