Civil Parish

For fans of:John Mark McMillan, Jon Foreman, Gungor, Phil Wickham
As human beings, we don't like to think of our wretchedness in light of the weight of God's glory. We have this lingering feeling like we're on the cusp of sorting our lives out and finally deserving God's love though 10,000 years of human history stand against us. Civil Parish was formed out of a desire to sing bravely of brokenness, trusting that there is Good News, whispered in the darkest corners of history, ofa Healer. When we gather to craft music we pray that every lyric and note would resonate grace from a loving Father and an empathetic High Priest: grace that is weightier than the loneliness and despair we carry, grace that must go freely into bars and churches. We plead with God, wherever we play, for conversations that lead to restoration; whether the chains are legalism or addiction, the loving arms of the Gospel will shatter them.