Cool Hand Luke

For fans of:Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Anathallo, Gungor, My Epic

Cool Hand Luke was a band for over 13 years, releasing 3 EP's, a 7 inch, a live album, and 5 full length albums. They toured all over the US, playing bars, colleges, churches, garages, basements, and anywhere there was room to set up drums and amps. The sound and the line-up of Cool Hand Luke changed over the years, but the heart of the music was always the same. It started with three teenage boys in 1997. All they wanted was to be able to play music for whoever would listen and to tell these people that Jesus is the only thing that will ever really matter. That has been the defining mark of Cool Hand Luke in whatever capacity it has existed. If that ever ceases, so will Cool Hand Luke. Soli Deo Gloria.