Country Fried Rock

Country Fried Rock Collection, Vol. 1

Country Fried Rock Collection, Vol. 1 by Country Fried Rock
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For fans of:R.E.M., Pylon, The B-52s
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  1. Two Blondes (The Fulltones)
  2. The Devil's Gotta' Earn (Brett Detar)
  3. Stepping Out (Clementine/Laura Slade Wiggins)
  4. Lowboy (Dreams So Real)
  5. Sucker Punch Town (acoustic version) (Dodd Ferrelle)
  6. Henry Parsons Died (Bloodkin)
  7. I've Seen The Love (Welfare Liners)
  8. While I'm Young (Allen Thompson)
  9. Sinking Ships (Don Gallardo)
  10. Lost on the Road (Betsy Franck)
  11. Constantina (Boo Ray)
  12. The Woods and the Wild (Efren)
  13. Another Heart (James Scott Bullard)
  14. Too Tired Too Wired (Mark Robinson)
  15. Pledge (Dangfly!)
  16. Better Than Gone (90 Acre Farm)
  17. The End (Live) (The District Attorneys)
  18. On New Years Day (The Burning Angels)
  19. Prodigal (acapella) (Stephanie Fagan)

JOIN US IN NASHVILLE for a live show on 10/20/16 at the Basement East! Special guests will perform their favorite songs from bands with roots in Athens, Georgia. All proceeds from the night go to Nuci's Space, preventing musician suicide and removing barriers to mental health care!

Please give generously: 100% of the proceeds from this compilation go to Nuci’s Space, a nonprofit resource/support center dedicated to promoting the emotional, physical, and occupational well-being of the music community located in Athens, GA. The organization provides an array of services to musicians and local artists, from affordable practice space to psychological and career counseling.

Country Fried Rock is a one-hour, weekly radio show that features some of today's most exciting musicians talking about and playing the music that moves them. Ranging from legendary veterans like James McMurtry to Dawes, Joe Pug and the Vespers, each episode features an in-depth conversation that explores motivations, fears, and victories as America’s truest musical artists unpack their own tunes and the songs that inspire them. The sounds may range from bluegrass to indie-rock, but the heart beats true.

For fans of:R.E.M., Pylon, The B-52s
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