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Courtney Antipas (Formerly Known As ill Ceey) is a Zimbabwean artist who developed a love for music at a very young age. As a kid he used to sit in front of the television and emulate his favorite artists, often stacking books together and beating on them as if he was playing the drums to their music. In his teens an older cousin introduced him to hip hop music which gripped him so much and lead to him writing his own lyrics in a bid to be like his heroes. Being young and wanting to be accepted by his peers, his lyrics had more to do with the message that mainstream hip hop put out and less to do with who he really was at the core. Basically, whilst trying to keep it "real" among his peers, he almost lost himself and it took the death of a close family member in 2011 for him to realize this. He decided to step away from the music for a while and focus on growing in his Faith but little did he know that a whole new world was opening up to him. A buzz started in Southern Africa after he released "Shift" in 2012, and from then on he has been travelling around Africa performing with a deep desire to affect his generation in a positive way.