Glory Thief Pt. 2

Glory Thief Pt. 2 by Cruci
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For fans of:Lecrae, Tobe Nwigwe, Travis Scott, KB
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  1. Glory Thief Pt. 2
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Yeah it’s been a minute since I was in the booth
Lot of things have changed and my heart’s the proof
Met a lot of dude’s homie’s to hold me down
Reconcile the movement Father hold me now
Light it like a fire with ignition turned on
Can’t nobody stop the fire when my God done light it up
Cruci back up on a track and it’s feeling real straight
But I got to have dependence so my God can get the praise
Raising the roof and I never go back
If I have what I got then I’m cutting no slack
And I’m giving the Father the glory He gets
Yeah I’m cutting out idols like calories with
Everything I do I’m trying to lean into my Father
If I give them what they need it wouldn’t be me like a coffin
Death is now dead and I’m so unashamed
And I want to get into what You want instead
Justified and brought to life by crucified Christ changing my life
You first pursued and I am now ever in debt
If you had not loved me first then I would have never loved back

Everybody looking at me like I be killing the game
But all I really wanted was to preach not really trying to get the fame
I think what they saying though really went to my head
I think what they saying though went straight to my brain
And I’mma really do it like this ain’t nobody even looking when I’m bending my neck
Ain’t nobody really looking when I bending my knee but it ain’t about me so I’m going stage left
I’m going stage left and I’m looking to the right
Where the king is still left and He’s making me right
And I’m saying look at me while I’m looking at the King
How I’m saying look at me when you really need the King
If my agenda takes over then what’s it worth?
I could have a milli but it wouldn’t be a penny if I died and everything I did was just my work
My worth is in Christ’s work
So I will keep on pointing like a finger to the hurting
Pointing to the Christ giving life like I surgeon
Taking all the sin upon a cross like a burden
How could I boast in myself like I own it
All I should receive is Hell for my atonement
All I have earned is dust for a moment
But still I go on like Yo, fam I own this
Hmm, wait is that really true
Is the life I’m living worth living without you
Faith without works is dead I was dead
But Christ went on the cross to take my place instead
So how could I go on like I have much to offer
Everything I have is because Christ came down to bear my coffin
Everything I own is just a gift given to bring Him glory
How can I go on pretending it was made just for me
So I was about that life
Stealing the glory not pointing Christ
Looking for more but not looking to life
And I never was full though I ate for a price
If to live is Christ then I’m living for Him
Everything else is a foretaste of when
We are in Him and the glory is given
And I am no thief of the glory He’s getting


Producer: Fantom

Lyrics: Caleb Cabe

Mixing/Mastering: Caleb Cabe

Special thanks to Reconcile Studios

For fans of:Lecrae, Tobe Nwigwe, Travis Scott, KB
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