Los Angeles
For fans of:The Expendables, Slightly Stoopid, Iration, Pepper, Stick Figure

Dankrupt is a "lifestyle" about spreading good music, good vibes, and a healthy mentality to the world. We want you and everyone else to know how much music can relieve your stress and anger from your everyday life. Whether your going to a crappy job or driving in a traffic jam, our music is made to uplift your spirits and bring you to an irie place. We focus on the positive side of life, great memories, our loved ones, and the little things that make us smile. Our songs are made to take you to the beach no matter where you really are and relax for a while. Relieve the tension and be happy because life is too short to be sad or depressed. :)

The California based band- Dankrupt consists of highly efficient and well educated musicians who all have very different backgrounds in music but together create amazing sounds. The bands dream is to travel around the globe and play our music for every race to sing and dance too.