Dean III & Coin

For fans of:Wilco, Neil Young, Matthew Sweet, The Raconteurs, The Replacements

Dean III's debut album, "Liberty", produced by Bad Examples leader Ralph Covert, was released by Waterdog Records in 1996 and billed as Dean Goldstein & Coin. Dean's backing band went through several incarnations, and what started out as a singer-songwriter project morphed into some fusion of alternative rock and Americana, with more than a nod and a wink to the Faces, Stones and Wilco. Dean, drummer Scott Gillis and bassist Dan Gannon made up the core of Dean III & Coin from 1997-2000. Based on the band’s first two years of writing, playing shows and building an audience, the album "Life After Liberty... (and the pursuit of happiness)" was recorded in 1999-2000 using a basement home studio in Aurora IL and mixed and mastered in two days at Alien Soundscapes in Chicago. While the band shopped the album around to multiple agents, managers and labels in Chicago and LA, it received some interest but not enough for a label or distribution deal and ultimately was never released. The band was rather disappointed with this outcome, and the core lineup changed when Dan left in late 2000. Multiple incarnations of the band continued playing shows and recording, but those tracks never saw the light of day either. Eventually, the band split for good.

In 2017, 20 years after this trio first got together, Dean, Scott and Dan agreed that with today's technology and ability to release albums cheaply and independently, there is no reason why such a great album as "Life After" shouldn't be made available to the world. With a minty fresh remastering by Dom at Dominick Maita Mastering LLC; updated artwork (the original featured a man hanging from a noose off the Statue of Liberty... go figure); and a streamlined track sequence, Dean III & Coin is ready to share this long lost album.