Garbage, Vol.1

Garbage, Vol.1 by DeMooz
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For fans of:Instrumental, Acoustic, Electronic, Guitar, Alternative
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  1. Diary Introduction Pt. I & II
  2. Antipop & Commercial Society
  3. Through Early Morning Fog I See...
  4. TV Brain Eraser
  5. As The Shadow Of Immortal
  6. Veins
  7. Painful Memories
  8. Nameless Faceless Speechless
  9. Vomiting Syndrome
  10. Diary Interlude Pt.I
  11. Running from the Past
  12. Binary Oversocialization
  13. Inferiority Complex
  14. Obedience
  15. WWWest
  16. Loved By A Monster
  17. Loved By A Monster Reprise
  18. Power Of Technology
  19. March Of Plague
  20. Viral Society Virus
  21. Human Race At A Crossroads
  22. Danger Of Ideology
  23. Fragile SuperStars
  24. Diary Interlude Pt.II
  25. Patches Of Patches Of Patches
  26. Selling Sold Soul
  27. Brian Washer
  28. Alternative Past
  29. Queued Request
  30. Angry Young Man
  31. Victoria
  32. Missed Relationship
  33. Buy This Shit
  34. Diary Interlude Pt.III
  35. John Doe
  36. John Doe Reprise
  37. Bluessy
  38. Crazy Christmas
  39. Impossible Jamie Blond
  40. Impossible Jamie Blond Reprise
  41. PopMania Dance
  42. PopMania Dance Reprise
  43. Impossible Jamie Blond Take III
  44. Corona Requiem
  45. Corona Requiem Reprise
  46. Autonomy

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For fans of:Instrumental, Acoustic, Electronic, Guitar, Alternative
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