Dial In

For fans of:Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Aphex Twin

There are unbelievable legends of midnight aerial voyages and hot-air balloons destined for the moon; of swelling waves and drifting lifeboats lost at sea. There are dreamy tales of a wandering old man trapped between life and death; of the paralyzing fear that comes from the unknown when we sleep. There are somber stories of a suffocating discontent; of the lonely solace found in self-medicating on an old scotch whiskey.

Dial In is Shane Wirkes and Daniel Modica, a Chicago-based duo that blends parlor-influenced piano and ambient analog electronica with textured, ethereal vocals. Together, their songs unfold as an eerie harmonic narrative—the arrangements and storytelling create a sonic landscape that exists somewhere between sci-fi and the macabre.