Dirty Revival

Daytrotter Session - Feb 13, 2018

Feb 13, 2018 Daytrotter Studios Davenport, IA by Dirty Revival
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Pipe Dreams
  3. Happier Place
  4. Litty Committee
  5. Chuck
Dirty Revival is a soul band for the modern age. They've gained a reputation for being an incredibly entertaining live band with a sound that reaches into every corner of groovy and pulls inspiration from a wide range of genres and time periods. Beyond pure entertainment, there is a quiet complexity to the arrangements that exemplifies the professional skill level and musical mastery this band employs in order to create their funk/soul/hip-hop hybrid. Dirty Revival is also a perfect name for this band. They're bringing back a sound that today's world desperately needs, and they pack it with a positivize energy of self-love, respect, and coming together; uniting in the face of despair. This cooperative feeling comes across most in the way the band arranges their songs: while each musician presides over their instruments (or vocal chords) with deftness, each person is playing for the song rather than for themselves. Everything blends yet each part also gets its chance to stick out and shine. I've often asked myself what funk would sound like if it was being made today with the same passion it was made with in its heyday. I believe we may have found the answer. Here in this session they're playing all new songs, heretofore unrecorded and unreleased. This is exactly what makes a Daytrotter session so special: fans and newbies alike can experience something completely unique, while the band gets a chance to test the waters with some new material. According to this session, we're all in for a treat when their next album drops. One of the last songs was dedicated to the late Charles Bradley, an intensely influential singer who passed away last year. The song is also named in his memory. As long as Dirty Revival keeps playing music this funky, this positive, and this emotionally engaging, they'll be doing right by Mr. Bradley and his memory.