DJ Kutz

For fans of:Kid Capri, David Guetta, Lecrae, Richie Righteous, DJ Yonny

Straight from Jersey, DJ Kutz is the buzz on the streets. Spinnin' the smoothest Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and Gospel House, it is Kutz that gets the party jumpin'. In mastering the art of "beat- mixing", Kutz maintains a smooth and constant flow. As DJ Kutz puts it, " main goal is to have fun with the crowd and make people dance." And that is exactly what this accomplished DJ has done. His desire to move the crowd has affected the likes of many races and people of various ethnic backgrounds. From Urban and Latino to middle class suburbia, Kutz has reigned supreme. Kutz made his first local appearance at Skate 22, a well-known Jersey venue that has housed top DJs such as Funk Master Flex, Coco Chanel and Kid Capri. With a sleek style and a true feel for the music, Kutz easily won the title "Crowd Motivator". Thus the birth of a real DJ had taken place. DJ Kutz is most widely known for his mixtapes. From California to Texas, to the U.K. and Zimbabwe, his mixtapes have traveled to the ends of the Earth and back. It's the way that he takes current Gospel music along with upcoming artists, and combines them with his style of mixing & scratching that catches the ear of the streets and the youth of today. Bryan McCarthy, aka, DJ Kutz, was born on November 5th in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Growing up, Kutz always had an appreciation and love for music. He was always tapping and banging on things, trying to make a beat. He began playing the drums at the age of 10 and soon began to play for his church. In High Scool, Kutz played in the Jazz Band, Stage Band and also Marching Band. It was also during his High School years that Kutz taught himself how to play the piano. Kutz began to develop a fascination for recording and engineering. It was always a dream of his to one day own his own recording studio. After High School Kutz pursued his education at The Institute of Audio Research in New York City, where he graduated and received his Audio Engineering & Production certification. Upon graduation, Kutz became the Program Director at the Youth Entertainment Academy in Plainfield, NJ - an after school media arts based program that helps empower inner city youth. Kutz mentored & taught teenagers about music & production in hopes that they would channel their energies into music instead of the life of the streets and gang violence! Kutz is also a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine; Owner of His House Recording Studios; Founder and President of Kutz Entertainment, where he is a DJ, Producer, Remixer and Songwriter; is the proud father of 2 amazing kids and a happy husband to his awesome wife! Wow, what doesn't this DJ do?

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