DJ Self Born

For fans of:J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass

To call DJ SELF BORN a multi-tasker is an understatement. His talent extends far beyond DJing. He is also a music producer, host and former owner of Love/Hate DJ Bar on South Beach. As of Sept 2013 the bar has closed, story here. Born and raised on Chicago’s Southside, this one man band has DJ experience in all arenas; radio, night club, corporate and private events. Known as the “celebrity’s favorite” (just ask actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, Gabrielle Union, actors Tony Rock, Donnell Rawlings as well as sport figures Dwayne Wade to name a few) he has had the privilege of performing as well as touring with a variety well known and legendary artists within the Hip Hop community from the East to West Coast. Currently a resident of South Beach, DJ SELF BORN has become a staple in and throughout the Miami scene as well as an instructor for Jam Master J’s “DJ Scratch Academy.” In November 2006 after a chance meeting of Derrick “Fonzworth Bentley” Watkins (the man formerly known as P Diddy’s Assistant) had a very successful show at a GQ Magazine/Cadillac showcase and decided to recruit him as his live show DJ after hearing his set. This merger led to DJ SELF BORN gaining production credit along side Kanye West on his project C.O.L.O.U.R.S (Cool Outrageous Lovers of Uniquely Raw Style). In 2007 after 10 minutes of listening, Hip Hop legend Special Ed quickly recruited him as his tour DJ. Outside of constant tour dates you can catch him spinning at all of the best night clubs, lounges and hotels on South Beach. Whether actor, sports figure, comedian or news anchor, DJ SELF BORN seems to be their DJ of choice. In the 90’s, while DJing Midwest college parties and weekly travel to various cities, veteran Chicago Hip Hop group The Primeridian took notice and recruited the ambitious DJ. This musical merger introduced the DJ formerly known as Gregg D to the life of an artist and the world of live performance. His precision, accuracy and love for the music are the foundation of his evolution into a music producer. Music industry insiders consider producing a natural “next step” for a DJ. SELF BORN’s production work was first highlighted on the debut release by Chicago’s own Outfitters USA titled “Where You From?” Together with rapper / producer Malik Allah, DJ SELF BORN created a distinct sound as well as a solid producer/co-producer relationship. He has shared the stage with the likes of 50 Cent & G-Unit, Jay-Z & Rocafella, Wu Tang Clan where he toured coast to coast with C-Rayz Walz (MTV MADE) & Raekwon the Chef acting as Tour DJ/Host. Dynamic stage presence and natural chemistry solidified DJ SELF BORN as C-Rayz Walzs tour DJ. Following a successful tour, the second Definitive Jux release by C-Rayz Walz took the duo across the country again, but this time with GZA of Wu Tang Clan, Cannibal Ox, J-Live and special guests; 4th Pyramid, Karniege and Double AB. DJ SELF BORN has become known throughout the country as a DJ/host that controls the crowd wherever he is booked. He spins an array of music ranging from Frank Sinatra to Jay-Z, showcasing a level of versatility that is virtually unheard. His live DJ work can be seen and heard on “The Year of the Beast” CD & DVD by C-Rayz Walz. With a list of accomplishments that would make the average DJ flip into an ego maniac, all DJ SELF BORN wants is you to have a memorable time and his name to be remembered in music forever.