Dj Stevo

Ye Olde Skool

Ye Olde Skool by Dj Stevo
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For fans of:DJ Tiesto, Skrillix, Trance
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  1. The 1st of Many
  2. Recovery
  3. The Actual
  4. TopGear 3000 Homage
  5. YoYo
  6. Electrical
  7. Smokin Crackers
  8. Sungod Raaa
  9. Do You Want to Be
  10. Wicked Vocalistic
  11. Then there was one
  12. Perfect Projected
  13. Wtaf
  14. Clarity Test
  15. Acid Sickness
  16. Wacky Guitar
  17. Alien Abduction
  18. Allight
  19. Audio Recordings
  20. BasslineZ
  21. Booted kek
  22. Difstyle
  23. SugarMilk
  24. High Tester
  25. Modulistic
  26. MOrE sHiZ
  27. Much Weirdness
  28. Raaaaa
  29. SixTwentyFour
  30. Techno35
  31. TripDeepDop
  32. SiK BeAtS
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This is a compilation of music my friend and I made between 2007 and 2010. I hope you like it.


Steven Silverman - Dj Stevo

Joshua Wells - Dj Wells

For fans of:DJ Tiesto, Skrillix, Trance
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