Recognition For Life

Recognition For Life by LJ
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For fans of:Lecrae, Eshon Burgundy, KB, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole
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  1. Recognition For Life
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Ya'll was getting tipsyWhile I'm trying tip seas Praying tides change for the young kings drowning

Wave baby bye bye bye to the back street

Boys that will never go crown queens

Slaves to the crave of appearance for conceit (con seat)

Sitting in their own schemes but they wanna clown me

Now I barely think about recognition for my name

Only faces and pain of my peoples

Weep when I think on how far I done came

Never had to constrain my worship to steeples

Get to be a voice for the mute over beats

While the common narrative is boasting in evil

Clap to the clapping of beings over beef

Say they listen for the beats - nah that's deceitful

Your heart grows hard to the harming of man

Kind seems to mean less than you care to think of

Why I push life over beats

Christ crucified preached sounding harsh and illegal

Lethal weapon

My smif and wesson is double edged to press out false impressions

Pressure applied

Predestined that I

Would be another black man highly stigmatized

But I grind hard, coffee beans never my

Hi(gh), greet you with the Most who supplies

Come and try

I'm seeking a better road

The angels in heaven know

They invoke me to provide you with nourishment with the flows

Nervous I used to be but you know I could never fold

For something that's inside of me which I know I have control


No fear, I let my soul lush

Gold touch

Every time I write I let my soul bust

Greatness takes patience With that said, its not rush

Moving at a divine pace, my mind state

Been about spreading love to lower crime rates

My faith keeps me balanced, never stagnant

Only progressing, so its never a challenge

Of keeping my head up

Not stressing over lettuce

But trying to show the people the system ain't trying to let us

Dream no more

Or even think for ourselves

Ask folks today they say we living up in hell

Heavenly resident in a regiment unfamiliar to my specimen

Extraterrestrial settlement with xenophobic hecklers

Red I tell 'em wages of truth, and dudes just think I'm at a deficit

We knew that black lives mattered before the hashtag

But some suckahs ain't act like it, so they push facts (fax)

Printer showed the image got my fire burning for the world cause the old folk felt the hose blast and now

Coast to coast, no, I'm locale

I'll globe trot

If the Renaissance needs more power

On now

Tongue tied, my soul bound

Men shut up and a grind, boys run their mouth

I (w)rap for life, they do a season, call 'em Santa's helpers

But best believe consumer culture never lasts forever

Too much death, this recognition for the resurrected

Crying out with testimonies of the saints beheaded

Prod. by ToneJonez


Tone Jonez Production

For fans of:Lecrae, Eshon Burgundy, KB, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole
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